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shonky structures

I have to admit. I have absolutely sucked at blogging lately. Life has taken over: Uni, internship, ahhhh!

However, I can show you some of the artists I’ve been looking at for Sculpture. And some stuff I’ve been working on myself, even.

Love Joanna Langford’s work: a New Zealand based artist.

Amazingly delicate structures.

And a geometric maquette from me.

This is a photo I took of hot glue strands that I’ve been working with to make the wooden maquettes above.

This is a collage I made from a photograph of a pylon and coloured inserts. I plan to make series of these images alongside my 3D works.

A more abstracted version using tinfoil inserts.

And my inspiration wall.



new girl

You know what’s a good tv programme? New Girl. Now I’m usually more of a drama-watcher myself but this comedy is kind of refreshing. Sure it’s ‘quirky’ (as my mum would say) but it is actually hilarious. Last week’s episode ‘The Landlord’ made me laugh out loud so many times. And not a haha groan laugh, but an actual laugh. Can’t recall the last time tv watching has done that.

And the characters are all good! Zooey Deschanel plays the weird, dead-pan humour very well. Her single roomates are all great: Winston for being arrogant but charming. Schmidt for being overly particular about his bathroom products and general ‘douche-baggyness’. They have a douche-bag jar especially for him. And Nick for being sarcastic and dark with a weird knack for ‘fixing’ things around the apartment.

Plus Zooey has super good clothes.

Just a good show.

working wardrobe

I’ve been starting to think about the ‘working wardrobe’ a lot more, now I’m entering the (kind of) professional stage. I recently gained an internship with SCAPE, which is a big public art institution in Christchurch. I’m helping to organise a workshop for young artists and students about how to develop a public artwork — both the conceptual side and the business side. (Nice blouse).

Aw coat. I need a long coat. Anyway, the best professional dresser I’ve seen is (of course) Sarah Jessica Parker, in the film I Don’t Know How She Does It. Actual movie, not that great, about a working mother trying to balance a career and looking after her children. As part of the academic work for my internship we have been looking at the family-work conflict, that essentially makes women choose, or balance her life carefully between work and family, whereas men do not have to make this choice. If you’re interested SJP chooses to balance, but eventually has to cut down her work hours…hmm.

Love the bun and the coat. When I put my hair in a bun, it does not look this good. Why.


Blazer/blouse combo.

Casual cardigan and stripes. Pretty much every top I own has stripes on it. I love stripes.

More classic: shirt, cardigan, pants, heels.

I particularly love this grey coat.

And this is great with the pencil skirt and a little red belt and blazer.

Tuxedo kind of suit and shirt.

And finally the woollen belted trench.

I’m such a freak. I literally went and took snapshots of this entire film.

So worth it.

grey sky pylons

Today I took some photos of pylons. This may seem a strange thing to do. It is. But I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do for Sculpture this year and I’m thinking metalwork. Geometric shapes. = pylons. Not that I’m going to make pylons. It’s a bit of inspiration.

tin sparrow

Just listened to Tin Sparrow for the first time, off their EP From the Sun. Amazing. They were played on Ringer, the TV programme with Sarah Michelle Gellar.


This is their song For You.


I think I shall screen print a t-shirt with Morrissey’s face on it. This is a great interview with him.

Tomorrow’s plan = art studio day.



Wooh 100 followers today!

Not that I’m counting…

i’ve become one of those people who take pictures of their cats.

But look how cute!

Ok that is all. I have limited myself to two photos. Even though I took about six…

Crazy cat lady.


This is the wildlife reserve that we took the holiday programme kids to today. The best thing about it is the interaction; a lot of the animals you can feed so it’s great for younger kids. This is a photo of the kids in front of the capuchin monkey enclosure.

The kids feeding the deer.

A native NZ pukeko and her fluffy long-legged baby.

An extremely funny-looking pig, who enjoys food being dropped into its mouth.

Everyone with a donkey.

And my personal favourite, the lemurs.

good and old

Found some wonderful old photos when I was looking through my hard drive. This is of my Aunty and Uncle’s wedding. For some reason it looks like both couples are getting married, so I’m not actually sure who is getting married in this photo. But it does look like it’s in front of my Nana’s house.

This is my Grandad (Nana’s husband) as a young man. I did a photography portfolio that involved using this picture quite a lot.

And this is my Nana (left) and her sister on a walk about town. I love this photo. Nana is 95 now and has just gone into a rest-home unfortunately.  She despises it because her mind is still sharp — she doesn’t want to sit in the TV room with the OLD people….who are mostly younger than her!

I feel like I’m channelling the satorialist; vintage photo fashion.