working wardrobe

I’ve been starting to think about the ‘working wardrobe’ a lot more, now I’m entering the (kind of) professional stage. I recently gained an internship with SCAPE, which is a big public art institution in Christchurch. I’m helping to organise a workshop for young artists and students about how to develop a public artwork — both the conceptual side and the business side. (Nice blouse).

Aw coat. I need a long coat. Anyway, the best professional dresser I’ve seen is (of course) Sarah Jessica Parker, in the film I Don’t Know How She Does It. Actual movie, not that great, about a working mother trying to balance a career and looking after her children. As part of the academic work for my internship we have been looking at the family-work conflict, that essentially makes women choose, or balance her life carefully between work and family, whereas men do not have to make this choice. If you’re interested SJP chooses to balance, but eventually has to cut down her work hours…hmm.

Love the bun and the coat. When I put my hair in a bun, it does not look this good. Why.


Blazer/blouse combo.

Casual cardigan and stripes. Pretty much every top I own has stripes on it. I love stripes.

More classic: shirt, cardigan, pants, heels.

I particularly love this grey coat.

And this is great with the pencil skirt and a little red belt and blazer.

Tuxedo kind of suit and shirt.

And finally the woollen belted trench.

I’m such a freak. I literally went and took snapshots of this entire film.

So worth it.