by sophie

I’ve decided I need extra motivation for continual exercise. Usually, I go to the gym, do a BAT class (butt, abs, thighs) oh yeah, it hurts. And then I take a break for about…a week. Not all that good. So I have joined Kristen Bell on Twitter with #30dayhomies. We do exercise for one hour a day, every day for thirty days. It’s pretty cool, you post things on the twitter page and get support from the hoards of others that are doing it, and Kristen Bell herself responded to one of my comments today! That was super exciting for me because I’m lame. But still. Cool.

Soon my guns will be this big.

No not for reals. Big muscles actually freak me out in a big way.

Anyway I do recommend doing exercise challenges. It’s strange how the support of complete strangers helps. Today I’m going for  bike ride with my boyfriend (Day Three) finally a nice day here — it has been snowing for the past few days!