by sophie

Been watching a lot of Man Men lately: a really quality show, lots of social commentary and great 50-60’s fashion.


are there any likeable characters on Mad Men?

Don: For most of the series he cheated on his wife, Betty. So=doesn’t treat women well. Bit of a racist too.

However, he did completely boost Peggy’s career and help her out when she had an illegitimate son with Pete.

Betty: Beautiful, but a bit insane. Classic repressed housewife, likes to be vindictively unfair to her children, Sally in particular.

Peggy: Probably one of the more recently likeable characters: but can be a bit inspid, goody-good. Lately become more outspoken and feminist. I like that.

Joan: She’s pretty badass, runs the whole office, rather voluptuous. And yet sometimes, she can be a total biatch. Plus she has a baby now, ick.

Pete: I used to find him the most obnoxious person EVER. But now him and “TRUDY!” are pretty hilarious together. And I like the way he is competing with Roger at the moment.

In conclusion: There are NO likeable characters on MM! But this somehow makes it an even more engaging watch: love to hate them.