by sophie

Laptops are the bane of my existence. Over the past five years, I have purchased three; all have perished within two years. My current one is three months old, and has already had ‘cooling fan problems.’ I sent it away with HP to get fixed, takes over a week, I have no idea where it has gone to get repaired or when it will be returned. I spend a few evenings staring blankly at my bedroom wall, unsure what to do with myself. I finally get it returned and it appears they have not fixed the problem; my fan now makes a fun whirring sound. I am now not a fan of: Dell, Compaq or HP (although I think the last two come from the same place). And computer problems just in time for me to write an essay! Of course. That’s what I should be doing right now…

First world problems for sure. But still so frustrating.