new girl

by sophie

You know what’s a good tv programme? New Girl. Now I’m usually more of a drama-watcher myself but this comedy is kind of refreshing. Sure it’s ‘quirky’ (as my mum would say) but it is actually hilarious. Last week’s episode ‘The Landlord’ made me laugh out loud so many times. And not a haha groan laugh, but an actual laugh. Can’t recall the last time tv watching has done that.

And the characters are all good! Zooey Deschanel plays the weird, dead-pan humour very well. Her single roomates are all great: Winston for being arrogant but charming. Schmidt for being overly particular about his bathroom products and general ‘douche-baggyness’. They have a douche-bag jar especially for him. And Nick for being sarcastic and dark with a weird knack for ‘fixing’ things around the apartment.

Plus Zooey has super good clothes.

Just a good show.