good and old

by sophie

Found some wonderful old photos when I was looking through my hard drive. This is of my Aunty and Uncle’s wedding. For some reason it looks like both couples are getting married, so I’m not actually sure who is getting married in this photo. But it does look like it’s in front of my Nana’s house.

This is my Grandad (Nana’s husband) as a young man. I did a photography portfolio that involved using this picture quite a lot.

And this is my Nana (left) and her sister on a walk about town. I love this photo. Nana is 95 now and has just gone into a rest-home unfortunately.  She despises it because her mind is still sharp — she doesn’t want to sit in the TV room with the OLD people….who are mostly younger than her!

I feel like I’m channelling the satorialist; vintage photo fashion.