critical condition

by sophie

Wow my blog is starting to reach critical condition. I haven’t posted at all lately because I’ve been busy working on a children’s holiday programme in my home town; for disadvantaged and disabled kids.

We’ve been doing activities like baking, raspberry picking, painting murals and swimming. We’ve gone on outings to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, The Antarctic Centre, rock climbing, the circus and mini-golf. We’ve done educational visits to the fire station, St. John’s ambulance service and the police station.

The kids and Sasha freezing at the Antarctic Centre — The Snow Room.

The idea is to take them to places they haven’t been, teach them some life skills and make up a semi-educational programme without seeming like school to the kids.

Raspberry and white chocolate muffins = awesome.

One more week to go before I’m back in Christchurch; attempting to sort out my flatting situation and starting back at University.

NOT looking forward to it.