structure and cosmetics

by sophie

I’m really into collage at the moment; I’d like to do some myself as a kind of layered drawing process. I remember when I was younger my dad did a lot of collage, in a grunge-like style, so I have a bit of nostalgia for it. But I’ve only just started my own, so here are some other artists who do it super well. Above is Genadii Berezkin. I rather like the lined paper and the bright paper on top of the black and white photo.

This is Val Britton’s work; it is brilliant. I like the sketchy pencil/ink and then the watercolour splashes. Real nice.

Another Britton. The white lines have been glued on, I believe, and the black is tissue paper layered over the top.

This Britton is cool as well, with the cutouts and the layers on.

And I like the geometric structural lines in this one. To sum up, I think Val Britton’s work is great.

Now to gather some motivation to make my own.