it’s so wonderful, wonderful

by sophie

Thought now would be a nice time to share some photos from travels past. My family, my boyfriend and I are all notoriously bad at taking photos when overseas or on holiday, so we’re lucky to even have these few shots. The photo above was taken in Purau, which is in Banks Peninsula near Christchurch. Such a beautiful place. My aunty used to have a caravan there and we stayed there a lot during the summer. Unfortunately the camping ground was removed to make way for development properties. Ick.

This is the view in Rarotonga, with our drinks in tow of course. I went there with my family for my 21st birthday.

This was one of the really cool looking restaurants/bars in Rarotonga.

This is me and my dad looking bored at one of the resorts. So glad we didn’t stay at a resort; they can be a bit generic and huge. Although they do steal the best spots on the beach. We stayed at a small motel which was really nice and quiet and you could get to know the patrons and the staff quite well. It was particularly hilarious when the ladies at our motel called everyone dah-ling.

We also went to a Rarotongan church on Sunday; very unusual for my family, but religion is important there. It was a really interesting experience; everyone was dressed in their finest and the hymn singing was amazing. Note the headstones out the front of the church. A lot of houses also had headstones and graves in the front yard of deceased family members, which is very different to the culture of grieving for white New Zealanders.

And of course the obligatory sunset photo….

Melbourne, Australia is the overseas destination that I most frequent, and yet I have absolutely no photographic evidence of this. Oh well.