the smiths

by sophie

There is something freaking briliant about The Smiths. Formed in Manchester in 1982; they have been called one of the most influential alternative rock bands to come out of Britain in the 80’s. Of course they broke up before I was even born. That’s the way it goes I guess. I love their dark kind of melancholy. Nothing encapsulates feeling down like a bleak Smiths song; and nothing makes it so poignant.

The Boy with the Thorn in his side. Video is hilariously 80’s and soft-focus.

Morrissey is enigmatic. A bit of a self confessed weirdo. Arrogant to the point of being abrasive. A controversial figure. But that’s all part of it. This is a great quote about him: “most pop stars have to be dead before they reach the iconic status he has reached in his lifetime.”

William, it was really nothing. This is my favourite song of theirs at the moment.

I also liked how The Smiths were featured in 500 Days of Summer. I appreciated that.  Alt moive — Alt band.

And when Morrissey went solo: Suedehead.

If only Morrissey hadn’t alienated everyone in the band; they could still go on tour so I could see them live. Selfishly.