a labour of art

by sophie

This is a work I completed a year ago; the largest scale project I’ve ever done. My aim was to bring drawing into a three dimensional space, and to see the effect it had on people who entered the space. I looked at a lot of optical art; I guess I see this room as a subtle kind of op-art. I hand-made the dye that is painted on the walls out of red cabbages and called the art work ‘Cabbage Room.’ I always hate giving art works titles. Eh.

Close up. The rhythm of the lines resembles the pattern inside a cabbage, if you cut one in half. I painted free-style; no specific pattern.

I painted the ceiling as well, but left the floor as it was, with the drips that fell from the ceiling. I even engineered a 5-prong paint brush to make the job quicker. I am still really pleased with how this work turned out, although it took about a month to complete. That’s something I really appreciate about some art works — when you can see the time and labour that was put into them. That’s what I wanted to achieve in my own art.

Just to make things difficult for myself.