by sophie

When I’m all grown up, I would like a dog. Lately I’ve been thinking, what if I had a whole lot of dogs! Instead of a crazy-cat-lady, I’d be a crazy-dog-lady!

So top 5:

1. Border Collies.

Border Collies are the dogs I could actually imagine owning. They’re so cute and happy looking. Although I’ve heard that they can maim your house if you don’t take them for lots of walks. Because they’re so intelligent they can be a bit spiteful. Perhaps not a beginners dog.

2. Chow Chows.

Probably my favourite feature of Chow Chows are their blue tongues. Who doesn’t want that on their dog? And they’re super ridiculously fluffy.

3. Doberman.

To be honest, I mostly like Dobermans for their name. Doberman. It can also been used as a mild insult: ‘you’re such a silly doberman.’ It’ll catch on. Also their funny light brown eyebrow dots are pretty cute.

4. Pugs.

Most people think Pugs are ugly. And they’re right. However, I find them somewhat irresistible and I’m not really sure why. They always look sad, so I’m like aw. Bug eyes, wrinkly heads. But cute. My friend’s sister was quite afraid of Pugs, which was odd. A neighbour’s Pug snuck into her room once and she was screaming ‘there’s a Pug in my room! Get it out!’ Ridiculously funny. See that’s a good Pug related story. Also the Pugs I have met have not been the smartest.

5. Miniature Greyhounds.

Also called Italian Greyhounds. I recently saw two at a fair and they were super nice.   They seem to be permanently anxious, but very quiet and kind of cuddly, which is a bit suprising. Their hair is really short so sometimes they get a bit cold…

…and then you have a jersey situation, which is not so great.

These five dogs would make a great dog entourage. Bring on the crazy-dog-lady years.