by sophie

What do I want for Christmas?




All from converse. Note the subtle differences between the black, leather pairs. Or is that just me being strangely particular…

This was a great guide to buying digital SLR cameras.

For me, it’s between the Canon and the Nikon.

I think the Canon may have convinced me. DSLR camera are more expensive than your standard point and shoot, but take terrifically clear, high quality photos. I’m thinking of investing in one to document my sculpture and art projects.

I super-dooper like tortoise-shell frames for glasses at the moment. And plastic frames are great and light-weight. Although the reason I’m getting new frames in the first place is because my current plastic ones are allllllll wonky. Like a winky wonky donkey.

But finding the right glasses is hard. Mostly due to my weirdly narrow face, which means kids size glasses usually fit me better. Sigh.

There were also frames called ‘Lucky Copper Tobacco Horn,’ which I was tempted by the name alone. And another pair called ‘Dorcas.’ Those weren’t so tempting. I don’t know how liberated you’d feel wearing Dorcas frames.

But oooh I like the Burberry. The Derek Cardigan ones are cool, probably too big for my face. And extra hipster.

And then there are the stocking fillers. Sadly, I really want some good woollen socks, even though it is coming into summer here. I currently have only one pair that I wear because of my weirdly specific requirements.

I also like nail polish.

This is my latest buy from Revlon. Definitely recommend top coat too.

Yay! Now I just have to organise getting some of these things.

What do you want for Christmas?