pushing daisies

by sophie

Pushing Daisies was a (too) short-lived T.V. programme, full of whimsy and grandeur. And great clothes. Anna Friel, Kristin Chenoweth and Lee Pace are excellent in it. It is about a Ned, who is still in love with his childhood sweetheart, Chuck (yes, she’s a woman) who has recently died in a ‘freak accident’ (read murder). However, Ned has the power to bring people back to life, and he uses this skill to solve murders.

The aesthetic of the Pushing Daisies world is beautiful. Everything is brightly coloured. Including this orange on orange ensemble. And they have the best coats.

Yellow on yellow! Chuck’s dresses are vintage inspired, but colour blocking gives a modern feel.

This is one of my favourite dresses, as it can be worn in winter — something I’ve always found tricky. The winter dress.

This is one of the more classic 50’s dresses she wears. Anna Friel always manages to look effortless. As much as I would love to dress  like this all the time, New Zealand doesn’t really equate to the magical world of Pushing Daisies, where it seems appropriate to dress like this all the time. And then skip and sing lalalalallala.

This dress is also really cool, but more contemporary with the pattern, colours and interesting neckline.

I couldn’t post about Pushing Daisies without including Chuck’s pants. Look! They’re tartan! Don’t know if I would wear them, but I definitely respect her for pulling them off. Not literally.

Also. Orange pants. That’s hardcore. I had some bright orange 3/4 pants when I was 8. Man. I thought they were cool at the time. But actually, so awful. And they were made out of sports-wear material. Yikes.

I like the ‘two different shades of the same color’ outfit. Don’t know if that’s the same as ‘colour blocking’ that we’ve heard so much about. Although I think the pants are a bit too high-waisted, even for me.

Besides the fashion, actually a really nice show. I was super disappointed when it ended somewhat abruptly. However, that’s probably due to my massive American TV addiction.