i’m old enough to write a blog

by sophie

Life has started to get to the scary real stage.

One more year at University. Then done. I always have a vague life plan. At this stage, when I finish University I want to go overseas, probably to Melbourne. Unlike some of my class mates I have no illusions of instantly becoming a world famous artist, and, perhaps selfishly, I don’t want to go on the struggling artist path — waitressing by day, creating at night. No, I want to get a well-paid job, hopefully combining both of my degrees; something creative, something using my written skills. And then sneakily doing street art on the side. My parents offered me one bailout from jail.

After 5 years of  being a student – hideously cold, damp flats and copious drinking of scrumpy, I could enjoy having a job and getting paid. Oh yeah.

This is the time when every one is growing up. Most of my friends have already graduated. A lot of them seem to be staying in New Zealand, which completely bemuses me. No money, little job opportunities. Boring as hell. (This is a bizarely creepy photo of my home-town’s clock tower.)

Oh yes, a creepy picture of our clock tower.

I aim to get out as soon as possible. If I stay longer than a year after finishing my degree, I will see it as an absolute failure. FAIL. Epic Fail.

Boyfriend has just won a prestigious scholarship to study at Oxford next year. We went shopping the other day and he decided to buy a watch, as an indication of being an adult. For me, this would mean buying a classic style watch, something mature. Like this:

For Boyfriend buying a watch alone was the mature action, so he bought a blue plastic watch. The hipster, blue ray-bans wearing sales assistant totally had his back on it too. Of course he did. Although I have to admit these are rather fun.

So in the spirit of getting older, I’ve started this blog to validate my life. I may also get a dog, who will love me unconditionally.

Although maybe not this exact dog. He looks like a bit of a poser. Or, he has one of those crazy owners that make them have portait shots and then puts them on the mantlepiece. Don’t worry future dog. I won’t embarrass you like that.

That’s a real goodie.