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I’ve decided I need extra motivation for continual exercise. Usually, I go to the gym, do a BAT class (butt, abs, thighs) oh yeah, it hurts. And then I take a break for about…a week. Not all that good. So I have joined Kristen Bell on Twitter with #30dayhomies. We do exercise for one hour a day, every day for thirty days. It’s pretty cool, you post things on the twitter page and get support from the hoards of others that are doing it, and Kristen Bell herself responded to one of my comments today! That was super exciting for me because I’m lame. But still. Cool.

Soon my guns will be this big.

No not for reals. Big muscles actually freak me out in a big way.

Anyway I do recommend doing exercise challenges. It’s strange how the support of complete strangers helps. Today I’m going for  bike ride with my boyfriend (Day Three) finally a nice day here — it has been snowing for the past few days!



Been watching a lot of Man Men lately: a really quality show, lots of social commentary and great 50-60’s fashion.


are there any likeable characters on Mad Men?

Don: For most of the series he cheated on his wife, Betty. So=doesn’t treat women well. Bit of a racist too.

However, he did completely boost Peggy’s career and help her out when she had an illegitimate son with Pete.

Betty: Beautiful, but a bit insane. Classic repressed housewife, likes to be vindictively unfair to her children, Sally in particular.

Peggy: Probably one of the more recently likeable characters: but can be a bit inspid, goody-good. Lately become more outspoken and feminist. I like that.

Joan: She’s pretty badass, runs the whole office, rather voluptuous. And yet sometimes, she can be a total biatch. Plus she has a baby now, ick.

Pete: I used to find him the most obnoxious person EVER. But now him and “TRUDY!” are pretty hilarious together. And I like the way he is competing with Roger at the moment.

In conclusion: There are NO likeable characters on MM! But this somehow makes it an even more engaging watch: love to hate them.

street style

I have to say, I find street style photos so much more interesting than runway fashion. Wouldn’t you agree?

From — from Stockholm Streetstyle originally.


Had another etsy browsing session, so many quality items! This time looking at triangle earrings. I like triangles.

These are really nice: interesting use of materials, leather and brass.

These are mirrored studs.

Simple brass triangles.

I am intrigued by these ones, but my tiny brain can’t work out how you would actually wear them. Anyone, help me out?

Simple brass studs. There seem to be a lot of brass triangles out there. Why is that.

Pretty pretty.

I’m only allowing myself to get one pair. But which one!?


Laptops are the bane of my existence. Over the past five years, I have purchased three; all have perished within two years. My current one is three months old, and has already had ‘cooling fan problems.’ I sent it away with HP to get fixed, takes over a week, I have no idea where it has gone to get repaired or when it will be returned. I spend a few evenings staring blankly at my bedroom wall, unsure what to do with myself. I finally get it returned and it appears they have not fixed the problem; my fan now makes a fun whirring sound. I am now not a fan of: Dell, Compaq or HP (although I think the last two come from the same place). And computer problems just in time for me to write an essay! Of course. That’s what I should be doing right now…

First world problems for sure. But still so frustrating.


stacking rings

I’m keen on really thin rings at the moment, that you can stack. Been looking at these on etsy.

I like the grooves in this.


These come in a set of three, or one.

Maybe I’ll get both…

broken bells

The Broken Bells have super nice album art. It’s the kind of shapes that I have been looking at with my sculpture and drawing.

Geometric abstraction. The pink is nice too, although I’ve been sticking with black ink. Darn reductiveism.

I believe it was Jacob Escobedo who designed these. They could have their own art show. This post proves that I love James Mercer and everything he ever does ever.

Just sayin.


ImageI have a group show coming up: 2 Sculptors (me being one) 2 Printmakers and a Painter. Geometric abstraction/organic shapes a theme running through our work. Double double is our title and above is the image for our invites/promotion. It’s exciting! I’ve already had minor works in two shows this year and later having a solo show (scary). But good to get my work out there.

essay essay

Essay writing time. This post is purely procrastinational. That’s not even a word, but I went there. This essay even has an interesting topic: the idea of ‘place’ as pertaining to race relations in the 1920’s-40’s in America: referring to certain texts that describe the African American experience. And yet, I would still rather be making my art stuff. Or watching Game of Thrones. Pretty much anything else.

Plus I have to work tomorrow. At my internship where I don’t get paid.

Double groan.

Image Richard Wright: prominent black author during 40’s -60’s.

I am unbelievably excited about the shins new album. I thought they were dead. yay!

Universal Wax

It’s been five years since the well praised Wincing the Night Away and The Shins are back featuring a new line-up with Port of Morrow, arguably their strongest record yet.

Mercers dabblings with Danger Mouse on the superb 2010 Broken Bells record is evident with a slightly more electronic sound bubbling away in the background throughout, it’s never at the forefront but it’s noticeably subtle – a nice evolution of the sound Mercer has crafted for The Shins. It’s also unmercifully catchy; something The Shins have always managed and over time has become apparently easier for Mercer judging by how many of the tracks have been jammed in my mind the last two weeks. Vocal melodies bounce effortlessly along with the music (check out The Rifle’s Spiral (below) & Simple Song for prime examples) and this is really one of my favourite elements of the album. James Mercer really is a genius when it comes to the…

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